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Traditional Arts and Crafts Crewel work Fire Screens

Traditional Arts and Crafts Crewel work Fire Screens

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Peace work has always been an important part of rural families income and these Crewel work fire screens are a beautiful and practical example of this.

They were produced at home with materials provided to them and then the skilled hand of local women would produce them and each design is paid based on its complexity.

lots of people are now using these screens as wall art.

They are seldom signed and no reference to the artisans who produced these beautiful things.

We have three of these at our Cardiff Store and they are truly an interesting throw back to early Welsh History.All three are surrounded in a Osk frame.

Decorative and full of social history they are ready for a new home.

From left to right. on left £60

2nd.middle Peacock £70

3rd Right hand side £60

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