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G Plan

Dandy Gallery searches out the best examples of G Plan Furniture. 


Selected Art works traditional and modern 

  • Why Mid-Century?

    Mid-Century Modern furniture is characterised by its clean lines, gentle
    curves and organic shapes.

    The style originated in the mid-20th century hence the name but thanks to elegant simplicity and timeless
    aesthetic, Mid-Century Modern MCM furniture is very popular in
    contemporary interiors

    Dandy Furnitue Collection 
  • Why is Ercol Furniture so popular?

    Ercol furniture is perhaps most famous for its spindle-backed sofas, armchairs and dining chairs and for its splayed-leg coffee and dining tables.

    All Ercol furniture is made from solid wood so you get to enjoy that alluring and distinctive open grain

  • Why collect Vintage Signs and Cans from Castrol Oil?

    History of Castrol:

    On 19th March 1899, Charles 'Cheers' Wakefield set up an oil company in England.

    Ten years later, he produced a new lubricant that would revolutionise transport in the first half

    of the twentieth century.

    He called the new oil Castrol

Simple Marker