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Paterson Parkin Original Oil on board

Paterson Parkin Original Oil on board

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Patterson Parkin Original oil on board
The Banjo.All of Latersons work brings together Art and Music and this original piece is no exception.

A thought provoking piece with the Banjo as his focal point to the piece.

bio taken from Patersons website.

Paterson art work is at the intersection of music and visual art, an alchemy takes place between the two practices.

Both  inspiring and influencing each other’s forms, shapes, with colours, textures and notes resonating in contrast and harmony.

its impossible to believe that the two, either consciously or unconsciously do not form a symbiotic relationship.


Patterson reduces figures and musicality into arithmetical diagrams, breaking up and re-assembling them into abstracted and unexpected formations.


At the same time, he maintains a figure recognisable amongst the new order, although viewed from a new aesthetic. All the while miraculously combines balance and movement with a glorious range of colour.

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